Ralph Racing the Rotary Valve BSA at the Wigram Airfield Circuit, 1995.

The information presented on this website is taken from the book:
“Ralph Watson - Special Engineer, Third Edition” by Trevor Sheffield, ISBN 0-476-01371-2.

Special thanks go to Richard Gray, Ralph Smith and Paul Lamb, for providing the interesting articles which have been included here.

Martin Ferner, for assistance with finance.

Ralph Smith, for kindly providing photos of the Lycoming Special, taken after restoration and during the Laguna Seca event.

Mark Dawber, for assistance with proof reading.

Phil Skuse, for website development.

My son Adam, for providing the computer hardware and software, which enabled me to produce this book.

My wife Anne, for her acceptance of the large amount of time involved, which has often kept me absent from family duties.

Last but foremost, special friend Ralph Watson, for his patience, in spite of ill health, when answering the many queries put to him in order to ensure accuracy. Very special, he remains.


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