During the construction of the Lycoming Special, Ralph carried out numerous calculations and recorded the figures in a manuscript book. This data will be of interest to those with a technical bent and it is therefore reproduced on the following pages.

Even non technical readers can not fail to be impressed with this evidence, which shows that the car was in all respects properly engineered. The Lycoming Special, most certainly does not represent an assembly of bits and pieces, chosen with no more than intuition, in the hope that each should do the job.

The manuscript book is 50 years old and the paper has deteriorated, but thanks to Photoshop, the prints are, if anything, more legible than the aged original material. The book pages were an odd size and therefore had to be reduced. They are numbered and it may be noticed that some are not in numerical order, due to being arranged to conserve space. This is not an indication that data has been left out.

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