On the page covering the Lycoming Special, there is mention of a 1/12 scale model of the Lycoming Special chassis, built by Ralph and used for practical tests to confirm structural stiffness. After photographing the model the writer retained it with a definite object in view. This was mentioned to Ralph and his reaction was, "I only roughed it together for testing and altered it several times, it is a mess. You can't do that."

An original piston from the Lycoming Special was obtained, courtesy of Ralph Smith and machine polished. The model was sand blasted and painted mat black, to be mounted on the piston. Illustrations of the Lycoming Special as appearing on the front and back covers of the book, have been photo engraved on metal attachments for two sides of the piston. Finally a nice hardwood and brushed stainless steel plinth completed the assembly.

Engraved silver shields will be mounted on the plinth, so as to annually record the names of winners. The end result of the handy work has resulted in a very significant trophy, much more interesting than the more usual cup or whatever. The annual winner will also receive an illuminated copy of the book, by way of a confirming keepsake.

The certificate inserted into the book that is presented with the trophy

The completed Watson Memorial Trophy has been presented to the Historic Racing and Sports Car Club Inc., to be awarded to the driver who has gained maximum total points in sports car races held through a season of racing. As a result a significant and lasting tribute to Ralph has been established.

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